What Are the Hard Skills of a Barista?

Having excellent customer service skills is one of the most important aspects of being a barista. As a barista, you will be dealing directly with customers all day long. You must be able to put on a friendly face when interacting with customers and listen carefully to their requests. You should also be able to answer any questions they may have.

Strong communication skills are also essential for this role. Some coffee shops may hire baristas who have no experience preparing coffee and other beverages, but many companies expect you to have some experience. Be sure to read the job offer carefully to determine if any technical skills are required and be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge. For example, during the interview, the hiring manager may ask you to prepare a drink on the spot.

To know what skills you should highlight on your resume and during interviews, you first need to understand what your responsibilities will be as a barista. Keep in mind that responsibilities vary by job and company, so read the job offer carefully first. Some of the most popular skills of a barista include: Food, Beverages, Barista, Customer Service, Coffee, Waiter, Sales, Social Media, and Hospitality. Depending on the position you are applying for, you can also include skills such as Cocktail Making, Microsoft Access, Cash Management, Event Planning, and Coffee Preparation in your resume. Skills sections are a great way to include specific keywords and skills that you have that haven't been included elsewhere in your resume.

One of the best ways to learn the skills needed to be a barista is to take online courses to advance your career, such as those offered by Udemy and Coursera. Review the barista position you are applying for and identify the specific skills the company is looking for. Social skills such as teamwork, organizational skills, flexible hours, leadership, and public speaking are essential for barista roles and jobs. To pass resume exams and candidate tracking systems, use a skills section that includes the specific skills the job is looking for. Unlike physical skills, which refer to tools, software, or techniques, social skills focus on character traits and interpersonal skills. During the interview, consider the main skills listed here (and the main skills included in the job offer) and be prepared to give examples of how you have exemplified each of them.

To ensure success in this role, it is important to stay up-to-date with industry trends and developments.

Cynthia Blaskovich
Cynthia Blaskovich

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