Safety Protocols for Baristas When Making Coffee Drinks and Operating Equipment

As a barista, it is essential to follow safety protocols when making coffee drinks and operating equipment. This is to ensure the safety of yourself and your coworkers. To start, you must be aware of the safety protocols for the workplace. This includes having easily accessible handwashing stations with hot and cold running water, soap, and single-use towels.

When it comes to operating equipment, modern espresso machines are usually equipped with automatic mechanisms that make them safer and easier to use. However, they must still be respected as they can release sudden bursts of steam and burning liquid. To avoid any potential danger, make sure to use the machines properly. In addition, all tools used in the production process must be thoroughly cleaned after each use.

This includes grain grinders, filters, and coffee makers. By following these safety protocols, baristas can ensure a safe working environment for themselves and their coworkers.

Cynthia Blaskovich
Cynthia Blaskovich

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